Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sociology as Trope

Sociology as Trope

I want to spin out from here onto the strut of sociology and the most recent summation of where we are as a World Civilization: Tarnas’ The Passion of the Western Mind. In this extraordinary display of scholarship and synthesis Tarnas develops the thesis that we are experiencing the last gasps of Modern Man and entering the decline of Western Civilization. It is not my intent to summarize his carefully woven analysis of comparable civilizations and their experiences. Rather I want to build on his notion of the Nous or what he terms spirit. To do so I must also refer to John Ralston Saul’s Voltaire’s Bastards , equally as compelling, wherein he argues that the Nous is Mind and that as a function of Reason we have reached a point where our Reason and blind adherence to same has boxed us in to a corner with no apparent way out. I wish to run the thread of Epinoumenology through both texts and suggest that the Nous manifests first as Mind thence as Spirit. I believe this is consistent with Jung’s and Campbell’s explorations and delineations of the mind’s manifestations as it leads one on the personal and transpersonal towards the experience of the Noumen .

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