Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Paradigm Development

Paradigm Development

During the past twenty-five years I have been involved in research about the noumen not only as an intellectual exercise but as a lived experience. I didn’t know it then and it wasn’t until I read Ken Wilbur’s In The Mind’s Eye that I realized that what I was doing was learning first hand how a reigning paradigm was established. I ask Mr. Wilbur’s indulgence as I attempt a simple analogy as to how a reigning World Mind is convicted. Namely, if you tell me something is such and such, i.e., that an apple ( Please excuse the blatant satire!) is red or green and that it tastes good, I have one of two choices: 1) I can accept what you say and parrot it for others believing that you would have no good reason to deceive me ; or 2) I can test it for myself and decide first hand if your experience is the same as mine. Whatever the result, the majority who either accept on faith, or experience and join-- become convicted ( much like the Evangelicals currently enjoying notoriety ), invariably give rise to a paradigm. By extension, they give shape to the consciousness of the moment with respect to the shared experience, be it an apple, a theology (Judeo-Christianity) or a theory ( Relativity ).

As a researcher with an inquisitive mind, I have often wondered about this concept called God, manifesting-according to others of similar proclivities, as Spirit/Soul/Mind. Was it real? ( Buddha/Jesus/Mohammed/Sudar Singh/Kihail Kibran/ Mary Baker Eddy/ KrishnaMurti/ Rudolph Steiner Meher Baba/Maharishi Mahesh Yogi/Paul Twitchell) An imaginative construct? ( Marx/Lenin/Stalin/Mao/Castro,Ayn Rand) How did it manifest? ( WilliamJames/ Edmund Wilson )

As my experiential and intellectual experiences took shape and evolved, I thought I saw connectives, initially at least, as they related to the noumen as it was apprehended and written about by our epic poets and glorified by painters down through the mists of time. Eventually, as the arcane world of Physics was made understandable by people like Gary Zukal in The Dancing Wu Li Masters and Fritz Capra my sense of the pervasive growth of the noumen grew, as well as my apprehension (understanding) of the phenomenon.

It also seemed to me as a researcher that my experiences fell firmly within the strut of psychology. And spinning my Ariadnian thread further I found myself hanging firmly upon the struts/gridirons/paradigms of Philosophy and Mythology. In an attempt to connect circles and not redefine them let me suggest through this poem entitled ID (my one concession to the morpho-tropic deliberations of Freud on the subject of the unconscious) where I was led.

We approach on cat’s feet
The Guardians of the Outer Door
Finding dry roses
in dry cellars
leading to doors
cloaked in webs
of intricate design

It was through these doors that Dr. Jung went when he descended into the unconscious to confront both his own shadow and that which he termed the Shadow of the Collective Unconscious. Thankfully, he was able to make the return journey. In Modern Man In Search of Soul he advances the notion that the present ennui or deep-seated emptiness so characteristic in his world ( and more so now in ours ) can only be sated by confronting our own shadows which are, paradoxically, thrust closer and closer to the surface of consciousness as our individual spirit reaches for its physically expressing manifestation. This process begins in the dream state as we confront, assimilate and understand Archetypes - a prelude, I argue, to becoming a lucid dreamer and thereby expanding the known limits of consciousness.

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