Monday, September 27, 2004

Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms

Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that language defines reality as much or more than mathematics does; therefore, I ask your indulgence as I define my terms. The prefix epi I am using to mean bridge; the root, noumen, as that which is both knowable as a concept by mind but unknowable as truth (Immanuel Kant) and/or the psychism of the cell and its impulse to growth.(Theilhard de Chardin). The suffix logos means The Word in all its connotative splendour. Thus, Epinoumenology becomes an examination of the noumen as presently being experienced, observed and recorded in the various disciplines which give dimension to that which we call Mind or the World of Mind. Some like Chardin have called it the noosphere.

Simplistically, it becomes the study of the rivers of Art, Science and Technological Consciousness that presently converge, swell and threaten the cosmological pillars upon which we now stand, view and ultimately define ourselves. Here then are the working definitions (or what some call jargon) I employ to facilitate the development of Epinoumenology as one of the initial pillars on the Bridge towards a New World Order or as I prefer: A New Golden Dawn in A New Golden Age.

trope: a pause and then a turning
meme: a genetic term to describe cellular replication and evolution)
cosmology: a creation story, i.e., The Bible, The Koran, The Upanishads, The Torah
cosmogony: an integrative story that encompasses all cosmologies, i.e., The Big Bang
rhetorical trope: the point where our rationalizations explore the boundaries of rationality
socio trope: a change of the magnitude that characterised the movement from agrarian to industrial society; Greeks to Romans; Babylonians to Greeks
cosmic trope: change reflective of ape to homo sapien
paradigm: a generally accepted and lived understanding of the world and one’s place within it, i.e., the world is flat; the earth is the center of the universe; Darwinism vs Creationism
nous: mind/soul/spirit
noosphere: the world of mind, populated by world minds

Rhetorical Trope:

To begin I wish to focus on the idea that as a World Civilization - especially as defined by our 1) Philosophy, 2) Psychology, 3) Biology, 4) Physics, 5) History, 6) Paleontology, 7) Mathematics, 8) Astro-Physics and 9) Governing Cosmologies, we are at Rhetorical Trope: Which simply means, in philosophical parlance, that we can, with great intellectual vigour, describe i) where we are as a Conscious Physical Manifestation in a perceived Universe; and ii) how we got here. The question now becomes: where do we go from here?

Where we go will depend on our understanding that rhetorical trope occurs as a function of genetically determined meme trope which, in turn, asserts itself as a biological imperative whenever the species reaches the end of an acceptable defining paradigm with respect to who and what we are viv-a-vis what we know about our position in the Universe. Historically this occurs as a prelude to Socio trope and has always been precipitated when our Science (reason) outgrew our theologies/cosmologies, and is best understood and summarised contemporarily by Alvin Toffler in his seminal work the The Third Wave. We are in the midst of change similar to that between Agrarian Society - where peasants toiled in fields and Industrial Society where they now toil in factories on assembly lines. This inexorable and historical rise and fall of civilizations is most recently and aptly summarized in Paul Tarnas’ tome: The Passion of the Western Mind.

Presently, as we hurtle towards the New Millennium and/or the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelations paradigm, I posit that our present cosmologies and our subsequently expressive World Mind are experiencing a serious and potentially debilitating fracture of the Collective Psyche. Worse, the Shadow of the Collective Unconscious has burst forth yet again. This time, unlike its focalized emergence and dominance in Hitler’s Nazi Germany - aided and abetted by sinister occult practitioners described by Trevor Ravenscroft in his masterful exposé, The Spear of Longinus - it has burst forth with equal tenacity and power across the globe. Sadly, too many of those in its vice-grip now possess the nuclear capability not only to eliminate our species but perhaps to disturb the Universal Harmonic (see the The Cycles of Heaven) and life as we know it. Our very survival as an evolutionary consciousness is at risk.

I feel/intuit that we are genetically programmed (meme trope) to awaken to an expansion of this thing called consciousness, at the same time as the Shadow emerges, and that the subsequent tension between the forces of the conscious and the unconscious is like The Dance of the Wu Li Masters in some Hegelian dialectic where we engage in thesis (consciousness), antithesis (unconsciousness), and synthesis (socio trope). I argue, that consciousness can only be expanded by facing the unconscious and absorbing its archetypes (Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell), however frightful or inexplicable they may be; further, that this process is solely a function of the noumen’s burst to the fore of consciousness (Jung: Modern Man In Search of Soul). To facilitate dialectic on this notion, I wish to focus on the convergence of that which we now understand about the noumen as explained and experienced in our Art, our Science and our Technology. Finally, I am going to go Out On A Limb and suggest that this present movement towards Tofflerian Scientific/Technological socio trope is but a prelude to cosmic trope which will be facilitated by the rapid expansion of consciousness as we embrace features of its emerging paradigm . That is for later. I should like now to bring the paper down to the microcosmic or personal level to assist in the development of the metaphors I have employed to date.

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